Massage Therapies


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Deep tissue: Strong pressure applied to both superficial and deeper layered muscles. It is used to treat muscular- skeletal disorders. Ideal for those who have an injury or an ongoing health issues such as chronic back or neck pain, headaches, sciatica or frozen shoulder. Help to relieve severe pain, increase flexibility and movement

Sports: Intended for those physically active it combines lymphatic drainage to flush excessive lactic acid from the body after high endurance training with deep tissue to increases circulation and nutrient supply to exhausted, aching muscles.

Trigger Point: Strong pressure held in the belly of the muscle directly where pain and tension is being held. Aids flexibility and pain by releasing the main ‘knot’.

Pressure point: Through pressing and holding certain pressure points, this ancient Chinese technique can bring harmony to different body systems and organs such as immune and kidney.

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Saltlamp and essentail oils

Swedish: Long, smooth flowing movements with a gentle to moderate pressure. Ideal for releasing tension, reducing stress, anxiety and sleeping issues by aiding in the release of natural endorphins to improve mood.

Lymphatic: Very gentle flowing and pumping motions aimed at increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage. Helps drain excessive fluid and toxic waste from the body.

Ka Huna: Based on ancient teachings from Hawaii, it is a vigorous and rhythmic style that combines a very traditional style of lomi-lomi to balance the heart chakra and provide energetic healing for both emotional and physical conditions.

Pregnancy: Using safe procedures and pillow positioning to provide relaxation and relief from many common pregnancy ailments including back pain, oedema and sleeping issues. As well as spoiling mum’s senses with the relaxation she deserves.

Seated Chair Massage

*No booking required

Ideal for relieving tension and pain from the back neck and shoulder area, the seated chair massage is able to be offered without a prior booking. Great for travellers who have been lugging heavy bags and sleeping in different beds causing neck and shoulder problems. Also great for tension headaches

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